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911 Wellness Project

Building resiliency through training and education one hero at a time.

Education and support for 911 Professionals

Our mission at the 911 Wellness Project is to provide professional, relevant, ethical and highly sought after quality courses geared towards our unique career. We focus on empowering YOU by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help reach YOUR goals. From back to basics dispatching to critical incidents, we focus on everything from the tactics involved to managing your stress through all incidents and throughout your career. We provide peer support training to start your program or to bring it to the next level to make it a thriving department-wide program.

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What Do You Need?

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911 Dispatchers are the first first responders. The more educated a first responder is, the more resilient they become to post traumatic stress.


Our staff at the 911 Wellness Project are a diverse group of Dispatchers, Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics that bring their expertise and combine it with our passion for first responder wellness and crisis management.

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