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Exceeding Expectations

More agencies are coming to the conclusion that Peer driven wellness and support programs are not only needed but are a cornerstone of the organizations structure.

  • 911 Wellness Project has a program designed to structure, start and perpetuate a Peer Support program that includes everything from training your staff to providing you with comprehensive policy.

  •   We can design and implement innovative in-house programs that will:

    • increase morale

    • reduce on-going job related stress

    • help mitigate Critical Incident Stress.

    • Give coping skills to deal with every aspect of the job and its unique stresses

  • From the basic outline of the program to the contractual agreements for your EAP, (emergency assistance program or mental health counseling services) we can design and customize a Peer Driven program that will,at its very core,

    • Reduce mental health support stigma

    • Give your first responders the tools they need to perform at optimal levels. 

    • Help to give your employees a healthy and thriving career

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