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At 911 Wellness Project, we’re committed to encouraging both staff and students to continuously create, grow and learn. Our curriculum reflects this commitment, as well as the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our instructors and participants alike.

We offer an unmatched variety of courses and programs, created for individuals or groups of all ages and academic levels. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions.

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Mental health and wellness seem to be buzz words in today's first responder environment.  What does that phrase mean? What can we do with it? How is it relevant to 911? The 911 Wellness Project has designed a program that places mental health and wellness on the forefront of your organization's mission. With a peer support and employee driven program, we start at the top of the organization and connect with every level of employees, developing and supporting a thorough and successful peer support team and wellness program that is relevant to your employees.

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Because we HAVE to be there.

In 2020, life changed for every single person in the world.  While some lost their jobs, and others were fortunate to be able to stay at home, we are essential workers and still had to show up for work.  If we don't, who will?  As the very first contact for Public Safety we don't have a choice of whether to go to work or not. So this means that in addition to all of the stressors that 2020 brought, we still have to cope with critical incident stress, prolonged exposure to trauma, work related stress and environmental stress.  This can take a toll on anybody.  


So you can take care of everyone else

We focus on:

  • Your health and well-being

  •  Taking time for yourself now, so you can continue to provide for everyone else.  

  • Giving you pro-active coping skills to use now so when you experience a critical incident you are prepared.

  • Educating you on tools and resources to help mitigate and lessen post traumatic stress

How do we do that?

The 911 Wellness Project has pages on most social media platforms where we actively discuss how to cope and thrive in today's 911 environment.  Whether it is education on what happens after a critical incident and how to take care of yourself, to dealing with the every day stressors that are unique to our environment, we are here for you.  We hear you!  We see you and are all here together.  We can help you!

We have amazing industry partners and want to make sure you know they are out there to help you as well!  When we see a great program for 911

professionals we make sure to highlight their unique talents in the industry so you can benefit from expertise. 

Our training is relevant, and timely keeping up with todays environment to provide you the most up to date tactics and concepts.

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