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Education and effective training build confidence in a person and helps them become more successful in all aspects of their career. 

Training classes designed specifically for first responders in their field enhance the learning environment, lead to better retention and implementation of information and are just more fun when you are with like minded people.


 Classes in Wellness and Peer Support are a MUST for all first responders in today's' environment.

At 911 Wellness Project we believe in ethical training.  This goes beyond what we are teaching.  Our Instructors are experts in their field.  Glenna is one of a handful of Dispatchers that have been trained and certified in Crisis Negotiations by the FBI.  She also has over 15 years as the Peer Support Coordinator for her agency, and was a founding member of her departments programs.  Tactics based dispatching, leadership and wellness are her expertise.  One of the unique aspects of this training venue is that we partner with other great training resources so we can refer you to the very BEST quality training for whatever it is you need.  Money is NOT our motivation, education and wellness is!  Please feel free to contact us for any training needs.  Whatever training we do not provide we can refer you to some excellent resources...Curs Cure

Current Class Listings

Family Matters-Equipping your support system for life with a first responder

Peer Support Program Implementation requires consultation 

Peer Support Program support -requires consultation

Professional Supervision-Beyond Influence

Comm. Training Officer -Update

Wellness -beyond the basics

Ethics and Leadership in Law Enforcement 

Is This Really Happening? How to navigate High Priority less frequent calls. (Active shooters, Train derailments, Airport disasters and more)

Crisis Communication and De-Escalation Techniques

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